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Krueger Neighborhood Association

Minutes and Agendas

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July 2008 Agenda
Thursday, July 24th, 6:30 pm
Krueger Memorial Park
Expected Guests:  Ken Layton, Laporte County Treasurer; Teresa Shuter, Laporte County Auditor

I.                    Opening/Introduction

II.                 June Minutes

III.               Police Report

IV.              Financials and Annual Dues

V.                 Annual Meeting

a.       Report

b.      Forecast

c.       Election of Officers

VI.              Old Business

a.       Halloween Party

b.      Candidate’s Forum

c.       Properties

VII.            New Business – Sept Representative night

VIII.         Open Forum

IX.              Adjourn

Next meeting: Thursday, Aug 28th, 6:30 pm, Memorial Park

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April 2008 Agenda
Thursday, April 24th, 6:30 pm
Mayor's Conference Room
Expected Guests:  None
Police Report - Sgt. Chris Yagelski
Old Business:
March Newsletter
April Candidates Forum
Candidate Endorsements
May Mem Park Opening
Dog Ordinance
Publiic Works Action - Street Light
America In Bloom
New Business:
Neighborhood Alliance
Summer Activity
Open Forum
Next Meeting: May 22nd, 2008

June 2008 Meeting
Thursday, June 25, 6:30 pm
Krueger Memorial Hall

1)      President Greg Tuel opened our meeting at 6:30 pm   We are back inside our very nice remodeled Krueger Memorial Park.

2)      Sgt. Chris Yagelski gave his police report.

a)      In regards to the house at 1116 Springland Avenue (this house was previously reported and cleaned up last fall).  As of this date, in 10 days owners will go to jail if it is not cleaned up in and out of all junk.

b)      House at 215 Fir Street (per John Brent) if something is not done action would be taken and could be torn down.

c)      House at 1111Springland and 8th Street where porch is falling down nothing can be done.  This estate is still in court proceedings.

d)      In charge of codes on upkeep is Russ Hatfield (Planning and Inspection Dept City Hall Office 873-1415, ext 320).

e)      Asking if we can have a check list for codes.  We were told “no” by Sgt Yagelski.  There are many steps taken from many departments before codes are enforced.

f)        Sgt Yagelski also mentioned bracelets could be obtained for seniors with alzheimers.  They will be easier to find when they wander away from home.  The purchase price is $300.

3)      Deb Reason gave the Treasurer’s Report.  We have $126.91 in the bank.

4)      Greg and Leah cleaned up Liberty Trail and planted flowers in Winding Cove Park.

5)      Dues will be $10 due for the coming year payable at the July Annual Meeting.  Elections will be held in July and opened for anyone wishing to run.

6)      Mike suggested we have an event in September, a barbeque or something.  We talked about this as we have a Halloween Party and a candidates forum in October already in the planning.

7)      Deb gave out signs to place in our yards to alert drivers to watch out for darting children and drive smart.

8)      A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  Everyone agreed.

Next meeting is July 24th.

Please give any additions or corrections at next month’s meeting, 6:30 om, for minutes.


Respectfully submitted by,

Barbara Macalka

Secretary, KNA


Members and guests present:

Louise Mock

Michael S. McKervey

Sgt Chris Yagelski, MC Police Dept

Deb Reason

Leah M. Hayes

Greg Tuel

Barbara Macalka

March 2008 Meeting
Thursday, March 27, 6:30 pm
Mayor's Conference Room
Guests:  Phil Jankowski, 6th Ward Councilman; Richard Murphy, 1st Ward Councilman; Angela Nelson, Councilwoman At-Large; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Arnold, Candidate and State Senator; Ed Janes, Candidate, Judge
The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:30 pm
Sgt. Chris Yagelski was not present for the monthly police report.  It was noted that this was the second meeting in a row without a representative of the MC Police Dept.
Mr. Arnold and Mr. Janes both spoke briefly.  Mr. Arnold referred to the importance of keeping open the avenues of communication between himself and our group.  Mr. Janes explained the work done in Superior Court 3 and his qualifications.  
Old Business:
1.  March/April Newsletter -- There was a brief discussion about the need to get the newsletter out before the Neighborhood Forum to promote it. 
2.  April Candidates Forum -- Basic details of the Forum were discussed.
3.  Candidate Endorsements -- The group voted to gather immediately after the Forum to discuss and possibly vote to endorse one or more candidates in the upcoming election.
4.  May Mem Park Opening -- No date yet for the opening.
5.  Dog Ordinance -- No progress to change the dog ordinance.  Councilpeople Jankowski, Murphy, and Nelson and Mr. Janes asked questions and took notes as we discussed our concerns and recommendations.  The Councilpeople assured us that the issue would be dealt with at the City Council level [Note: on April 1st, the City Council introduced the first reading of a proposed new animal control ordinance, and on April 10th the Dog Commission met to discuss their recommendations for changes in the ordinance.  The second reading will occur at the Council Meeting on April 15th] 
6.  Public Works Action - Street Light -- The group was informed that Councilwoman Starks represented the KNA in front of the Board of Works in our request to have a streetlight installed at the corner of 8th and Woodland Ave.  The request was granted.  [Streetlight was installed on April 9th]
7.  America In Bloom -- no progress on this matter.
8.  Street Dept Plowing -- there was discussion about a section of Rose St that is habitually lefy unplowed, and an e-mail that was sent to the Street Dept in February.  A follow-up letter was also sent, and neither one received a reply.
New Business:
Mrs. Perry suggested  that each member voluntarily make a donation of $5 at each monthly meeting as a way of raising money.  As a result $35 was collected to be given to the Treasurer.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 pm
Next Meeting: April 24th, 2008

For more information about our upcoming meetings, see the Events page.