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Krueger Neighborhood Association


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Here is the October 2007 edition.  Next edition will be delivered throughout our neighborhood in late Februaury/early March.

Krueger Neighborhood Association Newsletter - October 2007

  1. October , 2007, 6:30 meeting at Memorial Park
  2. October 28, 2007, 1:00 Party Set up at Memorial Park
  3. 3:00-5:00 Halloween Party
  4. November 22, Thanksgiving (meeting change)
  5. December Christmas Caroling

How To Find Information On Us

  1. *Check announcements on cable channel 99

  2. *Go to under "Citizen Resource Center"
  3. *Check for announcements in the News-Dispatch
  4. or *Call 873-9462 or 872-4350

The Who, The What, The Where, And The When On Our Association…We are a group of neighbors getting to know one another and taking an interest in our neighborhood. Our general boundaries are: North-Trail Creek, South-Walker St., East-Roeske Ave., West-Vail St. We socialize, share concerns and information and work to improve our neighborhood. Meetings are at 6:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday of the month at Memorial Park (Liberty Trail and East 8th Street). For additional information call 873-9462 or 872-4350.

Getting To Know Our Neighbors…

Greg Tuel grew up on 8th Street and now resides in his childhood home. He has served at the President of our neighborhood association since 2004.

Mike McKervey is a great guy who lives on Gladys Street. He is currently the Vice President of our neighborhood association.

Recent Topics Of Discussion…Updating animal control ordinances, neighborhood property upkeep, street lighting for safety, and possible social events. We appreciate the regular attendance and input from the Michigan City police representatives and those city council members who make it to our meetings from time to time.

Halloween Party…Join us at the next association meeting on October 25th for the final planning for our party October 28th. We can always use donations and help.

Become A Member…Meeting every 4th Thursday at 6:30 (Suggested dues: $10.00 minimum).

…..You’re Invited…..

Halloween Party

  1. *Costumes *Games *Candy
  2. *Neighborly Fun *Puppet Show
  3. Where: Lower level of Memorial Park (Liberty Trail and East 8th Street)
  4. When: Sunday, October 28th, 3:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.
  5. For Who: Neighborhood Families with elementary age children

Sponsored by the Krueger Neighborhood Association

For additional information call 872-4350

The Krueger Neighborhood Association publishes quarterly newsletters which are delivered by hand to all homes in our area.
Upcoming issues will also be available on this page.
Check back soon!
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